Over the years, the only thing better than creating characters, is getting to meet the fans when the work is done. Below, are some of the memorable franchises and characters that make André a popular addition at conventions!

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As the original voice of Sideswipe in Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, as well as the Transformers The Ride 3D, André is proud to have immortalized the iconic line,"Damn I'm good!" Below are some of the memorable characters he's contributed to the world of Transformers!

Transformers- Robots In Disguise 


Transformers Devistation




Hanging with his fellow Transformers!-Jess Harnell, Charlie Adler, Fred Tatasciore, Mark Ryan, and Kevin Michael Richardson

André holds the title of having performed more Star Wars characters than any other voice actor. A lifelong Star Wars fan himself, he is thrilled to be a regular contributor to various projects in the Star Wars Galaxy!

Captain Fordo-

Alpha 77

Cydon Prax

ARC Troopers

Captain Typho

Battle Droids

Storm Troopers

Captain Slavin

Clone Trooper Pilot

ARC Captain

ARC Captain and Clone Troopers

ARC Lieutenants

Hanging with a lovely Twi'lek

Comander Cody

King Bumi

One of the most beloved characters of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, and one of André's favorites, is Aang's childhood friend turned crazy old man, King Bumi. 

Legend Of Kora fans at San Diego Comic Con went nuts when they learned Bumi was in the house!!


Daddy issues abound for Katara and Soka, due to their badass, absentee, warrior-dad Hakoda, whose responsibilities kept him off fighting the Fire Nation, then ruling the Southern Water Tribe. Voted on many fan sites as the ultimate DILF!

Sparx The Dragonfly

André is the original, and fan-favorite voice of Spyro's best buddy, Sparx The Dragonfly! An insect of no words, Sparx has buzzed his way into the heart of millions. Fan response has been overwhelming since word got out that André would be reprising his role, and joining the original cast in the reboot Spyro Reignited Trilogy!



In addition to Sparx, Camo and Voodood are the other two wonderfully noisy and insane characters André has the pleasure of voicing in the Skylanders world.


André loves playing the wonderful wizard Alacazar who first appears in the feature Elena and The Secret Of Avelor. He is freed from an enchanted book in the library to give Sophia a magic amulet and tell her the tale that makes the entire series Elena Of Avalor possible.

King Verago

André adds his singing voice to the majestic, flying Jaquin, King Verago, protector of the realms. He's, a stickler for rules, "...a very big deal!", and proud to tell you so! 

Ever since Puss In Boots appeared on the scene, André is an approved voice by Dreamworks to cover the character when Antonio Banderas takes a professional cat-nap. He has appeared in numerous video games, TV commercials, and dozens of full motion-capture animated shorts for DreamWorkstv. The mo-cap shorts are a rare opportunity not only to talk like Puss, but also to walk,  gesture, dance, jump, and sword fight as well! 

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The Khajiit-     M'aiq the Liar

Another big franchise and another legendary cat! André has voiced numerous characters in the world of Elder Scrolls, but by far his most popular are his performances of the various

Khajiit. Fans undoubtably approach him with their favorite lines from the unflappable M'aiq the Liar.

André was handpicked by Pacino himself to voice the iconic character of Tony Montana in Scarface The World Is Yours. With over 5000 lines it is one of André's proudest achievements, receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike for his performance. He recently reprised the role for an appearance in the Payday 2 franchise.

Hi Ho!


To record Doc, Disney will only use the original RCA microphones from 1936!

Even though Doc was originally voiced in 1936, Disney still requires him to make an appearance every now and again. André is the Disney approved voice of Doc, and when the original voice of Doc is required, André has had the pleasure of adding his voice to various Disney animated projects, Cruise Lines, Ice Shows, and Theme Park attractions worldwide. Anytime you get to sing "Hi Ho", it's a good day at the office!  



As the two wild twin train engineer brothers Smokey and Steamer, André added his voice to a Christmas favorite, The Polar Express! Click on the links above for the classic sequence!



Nothing like the Turtles! André joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise voicing two big bad boys, Leatherhead and Rocksteady!

Each year at Stan Lee's LA ComicCon, André meets with fans, and joins Kiff Vandenheuval's VOICENADO panel, comprised of the best impressionists in the business, for fun and games!!

Mel Gibson

Robert Redford


George Clooney

A regular contributor to Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, André has voiced hysterical celebrity send-ups, and many memorable characters!

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.41.57 AM.png

An amazing time was had by all at TF NATION 2018! A wonderful family of Transformers fans descended upon the Birmingham Metro Hilton for their best year ever! Sideswipe was in the house and was treated to a very warm welcome and an unforgettable weekend. For die-hard Transformers fans, there is no greater convention to attend! Click to hear André's panel at TF Nation 2018!

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