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André Sogliuzzo: An Introduction

Here's a quick overview of André Sogliuzzo's multifaceted career.


Acting Reel

Here's a quick look at some of André's work in front of the camera.

Here's a collection of highlight's from André Sogliuzzo's vast catalogue of animated characters.

Animation Reel


Puss In Boots: Voice and Mocap


In over 50 of these shorts, André not only voices the immortal character of Puss In Boots, but thanks to DreamWorks motion capture studio, André dances, jumps and swashbuckles his way into our hearts.

Being George Clooney

In a clip from BEING GEORGE CLOONEY, André talks about what it takes to acuurately inhabit George Clooney's voice.

Sketch Comedy

Columbus Sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

King Verago

André makes his animated singing debut as King Verago in Elena Of Avelor

Stephan & Ida

Stephan(André Sogliuzzo), an idealistic political campaign media strategist, is worked over by Ida(Justine Miceli) a tenacious journalist who uses her feminine whiles to try and illicit a scoop from him..

Celebrity Deathmatch

Here's a sample of 13 of the over 50 voices André Sogliuzzo did for MTV'S CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH

Scarface The World Is Yours

André Sogliuzzo talks about voicing the character of Tony Montana in SCARFACE THE WORLD IS YOURS

Memorial Day

André Sogliuzzo tells the origins of Memorial Day from the perspective of a fallen Union soldier, and reads the Gettysburg Address.

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