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Interview at Stan Lee's Comikaze

with the Ohio Guys' Christian Ocampo-

Top 20 Male Video Game Voice Actors of All Time

by IMDB-Film-TV-Animation-Games

Radio Interview-Scarface The World Is Yours Review

Chris Roper

     The absolute best thing that ties the game to the movie however is how well the character of Tony Montana is represented. Though Al Pacino wasn't able to provide the extremely large amount of spoken dialog (although he did help choose the actor), the voice work by André Sogliuzzo for Tony Montana is absolutely superb. From his accent to inflections to the slight but noticeable way he accentuates curse words with ease mid-sentence, his voice work is dead-on...


Ben Fritz

     Sierra recruited a name voice cast including Robert Loggia, Ice-T and Tommy Chong to mixed results. Some do excellent work but others, like James Woods, are so recognizable that it takes players out of the game world. André Sogliuzzo, the voice of Tony, channels Pacino perfectly.


Washington Post.Com


     And although that's Al Pacino's likeness in the game, actor André Sogliuzzo performs Montana's 4,000 lines of dialogue spot-on. You won't know the difference.


       But aside from his digital likeness, Al Pacino is notably absent from this project. Doing a brilliant fill-in job is André Sogliuzzo, a veteran of video-game voice-overs.



Cheat CC.Com

Vaughn Smith

      Sogliuzzo brings Montana to life brilliantly and peppers the delivery with inflections and nuances that only true Scarface fans will appreciate. Seeing Tony brought to life is worth the price of admission alone, so it’s a complete bonus that the rest of the game is such a gem...

Hanging with his fellow Transformers!-Jess Harnell, Charlie Adler, Fred Tatasciore, Mark Ryan, and Kevin Michael Richardson

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